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Originally Posted by The Virus View Post
Dude, I have no idea how you got to there from a training company requesting checks on students to ensure that criminals aren't enrolling, and to ensure the safety of others.

No one has to do anything, firearms training is voluntary, not required.
You can twist it anyway you like.
Here is what I said, not the spun interpretation.
Any potential student of a private firearms training facility should be required to submit a background check , and any students wishing to receive ADVANCED training should be required to provide adequate proof that there skill level in fact meets the requirements of the course in question.

It comes down to safety and making sure advanced classes have students of advanced levels, nothing more, no hidden agenda.
You have no idea?

Originally Posted by The Virus View Post
This should be required for all firearms training. And training resumes should be required for anything beyond a basic course.
Required by who? Government? You're the one who said it should be required, so who is going to require it and enforce it?

You are an anti. The same train of thought that sees chipping away at our rights as being perfectly fine, is what got us in the current mess we have regarding 2a, and you just seem to want more of it. It has nothing to do with safety and avoiding training gang members. Any requirement that a business offer any sort of training has to do background checks is anti 2a, period. It would just be another chip at the 2nd amendment no different than if the government requiring thumbprints and DL scans for ammo purchases. You're even using the same kind of logic that some of the less fanatical anti 2a groups use "gotta keep it away from gang members and criminals, shouldn't be an issue if you're a law abiding citizen". Buying ammo is voluntary, being able to go to the range is voluntary. There are plenty of "voluntary" things after you've paid for a gun.

I wasn't aware that someone who could claim to be pro 2a, would have such a hard time understanding what "shall not be infringed" means.

If you don't mean there should be a law or some agency requiring and enforcing background checks and it should be left up to a business, go ahead and clarify that. Otherwise you're an anti.
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