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Originally Posted by Horton Fenty View Post
I'm curious to know if you have screwed up the finish on a gun with quad ought steel wool and what kind of finish it was.

It depends on the finish. Polished blue is fine, does nothing to anything I've used it on. Matte blue, don't do it, you'll make a shiny spot. Stainless, don't know haven't tried it.
Not a gun thankfully, but I did develop light rusting on a stock 10/22 barrel and decided to to the steel wool and oil thing. Scratched it up and dulled it a bit; nothing too crazy but noticeable.

Though I'm not sure what type of steel wool I used, let me check and ill edit this post.

EDIT- ok, I used Norton Extra Fine 000 steel wool with Hoppe's oil (orange bottle)
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