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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
I just think your comments are a little condescending to Moms/females.
People here regularly make the same statement about males. Some folks here seem to put an inordinate emphasis on ‘formal’ training. I think in some cases it is because no one ever taught them anything when they were growing up.

There is training and then there is training. I have been shooting handguns from the age of four. That was sixty years ago. Te best training I ever got was from my elders. But I have still learned a thing or three from formal training. On the other hand the last LTC mandatory refresher I took was a joke. You cannot line up 64 people at once on a firing line with one instructor and two assistants and get much training done. At best they can keep the few truly uninitiated from shooting someone. One ‘student’ had to be ejected for repeatedly covering others.

He is going to have to get some help with his safety habits and re-take the course. This was after four hours of instruction on safety rules.
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