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Originally Posted by adrenaline View Post
An officer rang my door bell almost a few minutes after I got home, I peeked out the door and holstered the weapon as he wanted me to come out and talk to him. There was a break in a few houses down and he wanted to know if I have seen anything suspicious. I told him that I remembered a loud crash at 2 am thinking it was my house....cleared my house and perimeter and simply went back to bed thinking I was dreaming or something.

In this particular case where I am assisting an officer, would we have to divulge that we are armed?
Assuming the same facts as above, where the requirement to tell him is on (my)your permit, I would say yes, tell him.

He is on official business, and you are armed. I would have told him before I left the house.

Oddly, if you had not left the house, and didn't have a permit, you could probably still have the gun on you legally. In this case, I'd tell him mainly because I wouldn't want him to get nervous. And, if he wanted me to put it away, I'd probably do that also.
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