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Originally Posted by Tarn_Helm View Post
However, her best bet is to leave the state
^ This.

Sometimes you need to recognize when you're playing a bad hand, fold, and go on to the next one. It sucks, it feels like letting the bad guys win and goes against every instinct of my being, but the most important thing is your mom's safety. If the situation is as the OP says[1], the cards are too stacked against her. If she stays and chooses to carry a weapon, I see one of three things happening:

1) She doesn't need it. If she carries illegally, she runs the risk of legal penalties.

2) She needs it and attempts to use it in self defense, against someone who's stronger and better trained. Somewhere on page twelve the next day is a small article about a retired police officer having to shoot their ex in self-defense, possibly even with a quote about how this tragedy would never have happened without all these guns out there in our communities.

3) She needs it and uses it successfully in self-defense. Congratulations, she's now shot a retired police officer. She does have a documented history of reported threats and violated restraining orders, which is something. But pretty much everything else about the situation as the OP describes it is stacked against her. At best it's going to take a pile of money (which the OP says they don't have) to keep her from going to jail for a very, very long time.

Leave, and live to fight another day. (If she really does want to take up the fight, be a spokesperson for carry rights... or perhaps, as another poster said, a plaintiff.)


[1] If there's one thing I've learned in my time on this planet, it's that there are two sides to every story. I hope you understand, OP, that I don't know you and I don't know the situation. So I'm giving you my 2c based on the presumption that everything you've said is true and there really isn't another side to it...
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