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Originally Posted by brando View Post
Watch the beginning of "We Were Solders" or better yet, read the book. It goes into a bit of detail of how the 101st was transitioned from a classical airborne division into this new concept of "air mobile" then "air assault." Then look at how they were used in Desert Storm - that's what sets them apart from other infantry divisions.
Wasn't We Were Soldiers 1st Cav? My point is they don't do anything different to be an "AA unit". It's not like every soldier stationed at Campbell goes through AA school. Plus most infantry divisions do plenty of air assault missions in Afghanistan. The same could even be said about the 10th Mountain. Not everyone goes to Mountain Warfare school (although we do ruck march three times a week and go to Vermont a lot for mountain style training- at least my unit did). Hell even having a tab isn't required to be in a Ranger batt. I dunno I just don't get their emphasis on being an AA division other than losing their airborne designation.

I'm not bashing the division or anything and if the entire division became AA qualified I think it would be very beneficial to the Army, especially in modern warfare.
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