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I'm at 2 barrels and 9 firings on my current batch of Winchester 243 brass.
I started with 400 pieces.
In about a year and a half of matches, I lost about 135 pieces to stages where you can't recover your brass.
Then there are about 40 pieces that I can push a primer into with fingertip pressure.
I use those for practice, but not for matches as I worry that one of those primers might eventually fall out of the case and jam up the action when I least expect it.
Even though those primers are only in the cases with fingertip pressure, I still have not had one fall out of a case in practice use and I have fired them twice with fingertip pressure loaded primers just to see when they will eventually fall out.
All brass was full length sized with redding type s bushing dies adjusted for about 0.001" of shoulder bump and using a neck bushing that sizes the neck the minimal amount to hold a bullet.
I don't use an expander button.
I trim it every 3 firings.
None of the cases show signs of case head separation.
None of the cases have started getting split necks.

I'm about to rebarrel the 243 again so I'll probably retire this batch of brass as I don't think it will last through a 3rd barrel.
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