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Short response: The winning buyer of the CZ-75B is Ziggy23.
Read the boring details, opinions, thought processes, and drama below if you have run out of Kardashian episodes…

Hmmmm…What? You run out of episodes? How ‘bout Jersey Shore with Snooki?

Ok, I received feedback from one of the moderators. I also looked at the posted opinions of fellow Calgunners on how they thought the way things should be done. I also examined the way that I think things should be done. In the end, it’s my decision to award the winning buyer and not necessarily the moderators so don’t blame, flame, or bother the moderators. I got my flame suit on…

First up, it looks like I should have stated in my original thread on who would be the actual first buyer: first poster with “I’ll take it” on the public board, first pm, or first email. I don’t do a lot of sales so that’s my bad. That’s my mistake and oversight. BUT I had always ASSUMED from what I have observed that the first poster with “I’ll take it” on the public board is the winner because it declares publicly before all that he/she agrees to the price and terms. This lets everybody know where they stand and prevents what is going on now with me. I think of pm's as questions for more pictures, etc. but I'm not sure if this is totally correct. It also stops all of the pm’s with varying offers and conditions. Pm’s can also be and are very non-committal. If you state publicly on the board, “I’ll take it”, it’s a firm commitment with a time stamp before all to see.

Ningning used a procedure that was the reverse for me but it was still a buyer in hand so I wasn’t going to turn it down. Would you turn down a buyer? I wouldn’t think you would… Perhaps ningning should have posted publicly before all to see that he was the winner because it would have stopped other people from posting "I'll take it" and sending me pm's on it? But as I said above, it was my oversight not to state who is the first buyer.

In the interest of fairness, proper procedure and etiquette, and the way I like things done and what appears to be a majority opinion of the other Calgunners as well that posted, I say that Ziggy23 is the first buyer because he made the first public declaration.
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