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Default Deployed Guys: Need Any ****?

One of my buddies who is still in deployed about a month ago and I put together a little care package for him. I also took a close up picture of my junk, printed it and placed it on top so if it doesn't get removed in transit that will be the first thing he sees.

Anyway I was wondering if any of you who are deployed or deploying soon need anything and this thread can be used to send you guys ****. Some of my family volunteers once a week to put together care packages but I know all that **** gets sent to Bagram or other big *** FOBs where they don't need it so I'd rather send to specific guys. I don't know if you'd want to post the address or not but I guess you can PM me and anyone else who posts in this thread on what you want and your address and I'll do my best to get a package together. I probably won't send you a picture of my junk though so that's either good or bad news for you.
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