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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
LOL, Not crazy about it? Mom up? What about the real facts here of being murdered without defense available because of YOUR concerns. Are you superior to her mentally? Physically to handle a hand gun?

A good shoot is a shoot that saved her life! Who cares what it costs! A good shoot does not nessesarily cost money. A DA will look at the evidence, make a determination about the event and decide from there.

What's important is that "Mom" is not a dead person.
Wow... too much coffee? First "my concerns" are simply put out there in the event the OP hadn't fully thought out the ramifications of doing something illegal (CCW) as I was indicating as a possibilty. Did the first part of my statement run right by you in a caffine mist?

Second, using a firearm effectively does not come naturally and in situation of high stress may not work could even be used against mom.

Third, If you don't know what the real consequence of your actions are (shooting a human) going to be, that individual is simply ignorant and possibly unaware of other less expensive (psych and monetarily) options such as hiring the appropriate security.

Fourth: I am the first to admit Mom could very well be my mental superior... mine was!
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