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I am not advocating that one does things illegally but... hate that but thing! If one truly feels there is somebody who specifically wants them dead, maimed, etc. they, in my opinion need to take all reasonable measures to ensure that they return home. ULCC is one of those tools. I did it for years and thanks to this website and persistance managed a LTC. If memory serves me correctly, I think there is an exception to being allowed to carry concealed if the threat is eminent. Some of the legal eagles on this site I'm sure has the dope on that.

Other thoughts, I would not be crazy about my Mom carrying unless she 1. was trained and reasonably proficient 2.) Knows the law and can "Mom Up" if she has to deal with consequences. Bear in mind, Here in the Golden State it going to cost lots and lots of real gold even in a "good shoot".
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