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Living near the ocean for quite some time I've had the same issues.

One: you will never stop rust, you will only delay it.

Two there is nothing that you can apply to a piece of steel that will stay there forever providing rust protection. Although Cosmoline is close.

Here's what I do.
Once every couple of months on my firearms that are stored I pull them out and wipe them down with an oily rag.
Shotguns: I spray a rust preventative oil on a swap and run it through the barrel.
Rifles: after I clean them after a shoot ing trip the bore gets a light coat of oil then a clean patch to remove excess oil.

My guns don't sit long enough to get rust in the bore.

Other weapons that are handled from time to time get a wipe down more often.

Notice I said Oil and not Brand X or Y. You pick something, Some oil either conventional or synthetic that has an SAE weight of about 10 or less. This is typical of nearly all gun oils. I'm just adding it as a note on what not to use. Now WD40, Liquid wrench, or any thin oil in a spray can is a bad idea to use as most are diluted with a solvent and that solven will was away the existing oil on your firearms. Now the exception to that rule is spray grease's and LPS 2 or 3. those are specifically made to spray on thin and thicken up with a fast evaporating carrier. I personally don't care for spray on stuff.
Nearly any oil will work. Me personally I have a five gallon bucket of turbine oil. Very good an expensive stuff. But it makes a very nice GP lube around the shop. And when I didn't pay for it, It's make a very cheep gun oil

And for that matter while I'm talking about Turbine oil plain old 3 in 1 works too. good stuff been around for years and doesn't carry the wizzbang BS logo and high price tag.
There is one product I will mention by name other then 3 in 1 and thats Corrosion X for guns. I keep a bottle of that in my cleaning kit and the stuff works great. It's not cheep but it just something I use.
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The above statement i consider a term of endearment
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