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Originally Posted by FredlyFX View Post
I live near by and was excited when he first opened, but the $18 fee and brass issues have kept me from going back much. I'll be there on the 30th with my .22 only for the CalGuns meet.
I live in beaumont so the range is literally about 10 minutes from my house. And the first time i went i thought the same thing, 18 dollars!!! and i cant keep my brass??? However when i thought about it i realized that i would rather spend 18.00 for my range fee which includes two targets. Than drive to Rancho or San Bernardino and spend their 15.00 fee plus have to buy the targets. For me it is quite a bit cheaper by the time i consider the target price and the fuel cost. Plus with how personable the owner is with his customers.

in my opinion some people get way to stuck on the cost and the brass thing when if you actually think about how local it is and everything else and not just look at the cost/rules it is worth it.
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