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The California Code of regulations actually has a lot of info on the 'collectors' DD permit. In fact, it states that a good cause to be issued this permit is collection of a DD. (Perhaps that causes them to be less subjective with issuing, hence the rumors of shall issues)


11 CCR 4128(c)(4)To establish good cause, an applicant must provide the DOJ with clear and convincing evidence that there is a bona fide market or public necessity for the issuance of a dangerous weapons license or permit and that the applicant can satisfy that need without endangering public safety. Except as provided by Penal Code section 33300, good causes recognized by the DOJ to establish a bona fide necessity for issuance of dangerous weapons licenses or permits include the following:

(4) Possession for the purpose of maintaining a collection of destructive devices as defined in Penal Code section 16460 but such possession shall not be allowed for short-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, machineguns or assault weapons.

11 CCR 4135(a)
(a) Documentation required to determine bona fide necessity for collecting destructive devices includes the following:

(1) A written statement from applicant certifying that he is a bona fide collector of destructive devices. The statement must identify the weapons or ordnance of interest to the collector and an estimate of the intended size of the collection.

(2) A written statement from applicant certifying that the weapon or ordinance will not be fired or discharged.
Although looks like it comes with some serious security requirements and a 4A waiver.
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