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Originally Posted by lavey29 View Post
You are incorrect. With a letter specifying which weapon, LE can buy and legally possess assault weapon(s) that do not require buttons or mag restrictions. May be used for on duty depending on agency guidelines or off duty for personal use. I know a number of small agencies that give their officers letters.

Now the questions arises as to what happens when you retire or leave LE. As of now, I have been told that DOJ/ATF sends you documentation which indicates that you can not legally possess the weapon after you retire, etc...I am not sure how they are enforcing this at this time and how they know when you retire.
That's what I said. Officers CAN buy specific weapons (i.e. AR-15 with evil features and standard cap mags) as stipulated in letters from their Chief. The officer would personally own the weapon and could naturally use it on and off duty.

The OP implied that simply based on being a LEO, a person could purchase a RAW. This is incorrect. It is on a department by department basis. Some agencies issue the letters, some don't.
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