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Default How do I go about building a ar-15 pistol?

Well I got the bug, I tried to shake it but I can't. I have a few questions for you guys. Where can I get a pistol lower online or at a lgs in the east bay area? Once I get my lower is there anything additional I need to do? Or do I just dros it like a normal gun and wait 10 days and pick it up? I know it has to be registered as a handgun. As far as the upper goes, Is there any regulations that I am not aware of as far as features? I don't believe there is but I just want to make sure. Bullet button and no more then a 10 round magazine correct? My question is I see things about sse? Do I still need to SSE it, If I just buy a stripped lower? Any other help would be awesome. What is the best barrel length as far as accuracy around 50-100 yards? Thanks in advance. And I am sure there was a ton of other threads on this same subject.
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