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Originally Posted by killmime1234 View Post
I'm looking for the legal opinions of the lawyer-minded folks here on Calguns. I came across this thread yesterday:

I'd very much like one for the single unashamed reason of the "cool" factor. However, after doing some research into acquiring the ammunition, I realized the supply is very limited and financially prohibitive. So that got me thinking about my own idea:

What I'd like to build is a single shot 12 gauge shotgun with a full length 18" barrel that resides inside a demilled at-4 rocket launcher shell with an overall length >26", with the intention of firing 12 gauge incendiary slugs such as these.

Anything that you guys see as being illegal with this set up?

Also, before I get anyone trying to spread FUD, 12301(a)(1) exempts shotgun ammo from tracer or incendiary prohibitions.
Sounds to me like an expensive and complicated way to reinvent the flair launcher.
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