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Originally Posted by killmime1234 View Post
Has the DOJ opined they consider the training rounds DDs instead of signaling devices like the ATF considers them?
I have no idea what the DoJ considers training/marker/chalk rounds.

Originally Posted by franklinarmory View Post
We have some contacts at Saab-Bofors, so I bet they might be able to locate a bunch of used AT4s. If they are not DDs, then I would think they should be easily importable. If they are easy enough to import, then it would not be hard to create a 12 gauge insert and bring this to market as a transferable firearm with an 07/FFL.

It is interesting if the DD permit is "shall issue." That might make it worthwhile to upgrade to an 09/FFL. We have a half dozen legal projects in process already. Now this comes up! It looks like we'll have to do a bit more research!!!

Compliments to Ajax for bringing this up!
Franklin, y'all got any idea what the DoJ considers training/marker/chalk rounds?
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