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Default Look what this miserable state drives people to

Originally Posted by supersonic View Post
^^^ +100%. I personally know someone in an area that issues LTC and this person was denied despite NOT being a prohibited person (no FELONIES or CONVICTIONS of ANY KIND in their LIFE. EVER!).. That person packs concealed locked & loaded every single day after that slap in the face. Look at it this way: If the concealed handgun is legally registered in your name (and you are even caught with it - when was the last time you were actually searched if you are a law-abiding citizen?), it is only a misdemeanor anyway, so you would not even become a felon if you actually had to use the weapon in a clear-cut, justified situation. And you may very well lose your gun. Sounds a WHOLE lot better to me than being murdered, dontcha' think? I totally agree with the above (especially after reading the poster's circumstances): F**K THE STATE. That's all there is to it. Some of us would rather risk a misdemeanor than risk their kids losing their parent(s) forever.
The only problem with this advice is what if the goblin finds out about it? As a cop he could easily have her disarmed, all nice and legal, by using his cop buddies.

If it wasn't for that factor, I would have to agree that illegal carry is the most practical solution. But as I pointed out, that is off the table due to the circumstances. No doubt something the OP already took into account.

Yep, ULCC is the only option for carrying a firearm as long as she remains in California.

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