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Originally Posted by lilro View Post
You should have your car confiscated. What if you decide to drive on the sidewalk and mow down a crowd of people?
Originally Posted by Justin Case View Post
What if "...Every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners saints?"

What begins every sordid imaginary scenario used to scare mommies into demanding nannies (i.e., NannyGovLaws) "for the childrens' sake."
exactly my point fellas, glad you responded the ways you did...this just better illuminates how just about anything we do can be scrutinized to the point of, either, we being detained, or, having our personal LEGAL property seized, and, then having to deal with the ready made excuse of..."Public Safety" just goes to show, that even during the course of our everyday lives, the things we do in a normal, nonchalant fashion, can be easily construed as something that could present a safety issue to someone else..."Public Safety, almost an indefensible word, how could you prove it wrong?

we have post which are condemning this guy, for having the nerve to dress as he did, act as he did, with the possessions that he carried, AND THAT IS ALL!!! leave it to the illustration was mainly an attempt to flip the circumstances and make a bad guy out of the good guy and a good guy out of the bad guy...happens all the time in the courtroom

bottom line, if it ever gets there, a jury would be hung, mainly due to the fact that we have too many STUPID people, and they do end up as jurors, who can't understand a simple violation of a person rights...some people are blindly led by the belief that if the police take action against you, then, you MUST have done something wrong...except for the OJ trial, in which, by trying to send an exact OPPOSITE message, they let a murderer walk...go figure
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