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Originally Posted by d4v0s View Post
I went through a similar situation with an active duty Police officer and Swat team member. Every single person on the force I talked to basically told me to "document everything and hope your family isnt killed when he finally snaps".

Instead I went to the FBI... Nothing happened, he still continues to rape and beat this woman regularly and is on an insane power trip. Dont really care anymore as the woman turned out to be a disgusting pile of crap deserving of the life she chose to run back too.

Interestingly enough he still works for Ventura PD. I will never trust that department again, the Ventura Sheriffs Department are the only people I talk to now. Sadly because of political pressure they couldnt get involved either.

This man had active duty officers following his ex-wife, threatening her, pulling her over and harrasing her. He stalked her regularly and even had traces run on peoples license plates whenever she was over at their home. A grotesque violation of the powers trusted to him.

You want my advice, if you read some more laws there is a clause that states you can carry when you are in fear of your life. DO NOT **** AROUND WITH YOUR MOMS LIFE, GET HER TRAINING AND A GUN AND **** THE STATE
^^^ +100%. I personally know someone in an area that issues LTC and this person was denied despite NOT being a prohibited person (no FELONIES or CONVICTIONS of ANY KIND in their LIFE. EVER!).. That person packs concealed locked & loaded every single day after that slap in the face. Look at it this way: If the concealed handgun is legally registered in your name (and you are even caught with it - when was the last time you were actually searched if you are a law-abiding citizen?), it is only a misdemeanor anyway, so you would not even become a felon if you actually had to use the weapon in a clear-cut, justified situation. And you may very well lose your gun. Sounds a WHOLE lot better to me than being murdered, dontcha' think? I totally agree with the above (especially after reading the poster's circumstances): F**K THE STATE. That's all there is to it. Some of us would rather risk a misdemeanor than risk their kids losing their parent(s) forever.

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