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Originally Posted by Window_Seat View Post
Mercury News publishes an article about the agenda in Pleasant Hill:

Very interesting, yet biased article. It mentions that only "[s]everal people" on the pro-2A side gave comments, when in reality, there were far more than "several"... The article comments on only one of the many speakers who used the term "radical left wing group". Seems quite convenient to me.

The rest, typical biased coverage that favors the other side who favors desecrating the Constitution.

Oh... I don't subscribe to the Mercury News...


Well, of course it's biased. I think it's owned by the same outfit that owns Contra Costa Times, but I wouldn't raise my right hand and swear to it. I haven't checked. Such bias is the reason I canceled my subscription to the CCTimes about three weeks ago. I just got fed up paying to read articles that should have been on the editorial page.
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