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Originally Posted by vintagearms View Post
Your constitutional right to not be temporarily stopped was denied by the ninth circus. Don't blame the Border patrol. Blame the judiciary. Are you going to cry and whine some more about it here?
Read: Ninth Circuit’s decision in United States v. Martinez-Fuertes, 414 F.2d 305 (9th Cir. 1975)
I am extremely pro-LE, moderate Republican, and fully realize they do not create policy, however, I have to ask myself "where does it stop". Is the impediment of the free movement of law abiding people with no probable cause (which is certainly an infringement of freedom, no matter how minor or how you look at it) worth the busts? How about actually doing something on the border and other security arenas instead of all this security theater the people are subjected to whether traveling by road, air and sometimes even rail. You cite the "Ninth Circus" (love that) but I'd remind you our Supreme Court found the imprisoning of many tens of thousands of American citizens simply because of Japanese descent constitutional. In fact, the history of our judiciary is replete with horrid decisions.
Warrantless wiretaps, rampant TSA abuse, the Obama administration favoring indefinite detention of citizens without charges and being stopped without cause is a valid cause of concern to many people. It's a valid concern, and I'm not sure who is right, but I wouldn't categorically slam the poster down by labeling him a whiner.
I would agree that self-promoting, baiting egotist from Arizona is highly annoying and counter-productive to any intelligent debate on the matter.
He's been exposed, btw, for faking some of his stuff.
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