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Originally Posted by ShieldTactical View Post
I remember you guys, I thought you did pretty well.
Originally Posted by ShieldTactical View Post
Given the time constraints we were under, the reason for those things was we may not have time to search a dark range for your knife, tomahawk, mags (as for mages we just asked for admin reloads - you should practice those regularly . etc until we could get more light (some already thought we had too much light) I can promise you, you wouldn't have to leave it there "forever" just maybe until about 10PM when we went cold.
JWH for Shield Tactical
My brother was sick so I had to leave right away, so for me it might as well had been forever!!!
I totally understand the reason for the rules, but i was sooo bummed out regardless. On the plus side, you guys did an awesome job with the setup and were really helpful/patient with us!
Things to change for myself next time:
Practice admin reloads and get a dump pouch
Don't borrow my brothers non-adjustable sling only good for strangling yourself! (get another quick-adjust like on my AR)
Put bungee cords on all my throwing weapons!

wait a min, maybe i should scratch that last one..

oh yeah, here's the helmet cam vid of my brother: