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Guys, Gals...

Thank you for showing up. People on our side who show up in as many numbers as we do make a big difference and make it known in person civilly and politely that this is something which we aren't sitting at home and pouting over.

I made a few observations while there;

I heard the Mayor state "I love the First Amendment as much as I do the Second, so let's respect allow the speakers to have their say" or (something to that effect). Just one of few observations.

One of the Council Members is a life NRA member, and was opposed to any further restrictions or bans.

The Interim Police Chief spoke out against any further restrictions or bans.

Towards the end of the meeting, the President of the Chamber of Commerce in either the City or County (or someone with a similar title) was also opposed to any further restrictions or bans, and that goes a long way.

Some Brady/LCAV (or whatever anti 2A groups that were there) were for a ban, while others were speaking in favor of further restrictions or regulations. Some who wanted further restrictions/regulations were also asking for a ban on home sales, which is inconsistent. At least one couldn't think of the words to say, so she just said "We need a ban".

My thoughts on that are; you can't regulate something if it's been banned outright, and that was something that was expressly implied by Judge Sykes during the Ezell arguments.

It was also my understanding that this dealer was NOT going to have firearms and ammunition stocked at his home, but the Brady people were still talking like the sky is falling because the children are in danger, since there are guns that are going to be sold at this persons home in OUR neighborhood, and so WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND blah blah...

I'm of the understanding that one or more of the Brady members was trying to intimidate at least one or more of us Calgunners, but I am also aware (and was there) when one of them had somewhat of an outburst while one of us were speaking.

This shows our class, and it shows their lack of class.

BTW, Alany (Puppy8a9) and J.D., as did all others, all hit 'em out of the ballpark with their presentations, so JOB WELL DONE!

Again, THANK YOU for showing up, and when the next one happens, hopefully there will be plenty of time to let everyone in the know about it, and maybe we can get even more to show.

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