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I called Turners today and asked what is on the barrel. They told me all it said was 1-10". No name brand and the ad says it's a 1-11" twist.
I did some research and the barrel is made by Danning Armory which no one has heard of.
Here is a quote from a review I saw. "it looks like they were chambered by a monkey with a dull reamer".
I was bummed because I wanted to get one. I think the Remington 700 sps is probably a better gun and it's in Turners holiday ad.

That being said, retail on the action and the stock alone are about the same as the $700 + tax & DROS.

Originally Posted by DRSTG View Post
More "misinformation" from Turner's: I was informed this afternoon, that the "Palm part" is the stock which "is a clone of the McMillan"! The ad clearly states that the stock is a "McMillan (registered mark) A3 Stock" and the McMillan logo is also included in the ad. As previously stated, the barrel is marked 1 in 10" although the ad states that it is "1 in 11" Match Twist"; in addition, they couldn't seem to be able to afford a metal thread protector for the threaded had a black plactic cap!
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