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Been there done that!

I was pulled over for uhhhh "blowing the pipes out" (at least that is what the Elk Grove LEO asked me), and the first thing I did was hand him my carry license and drivers license.

He received "a call" that someone in a red Mustang Cobra was racing someone down Elk Grove Blvd (I was only trying to distance myself from some a**hole that revved at me for 4 lights).

After I handed him my permit, I then informed him I am reaching for my registration out of the glove box.

He asked if I was LE, I said no, then asked where is the firearm and I informed him on my right hip.

I then told him again I am reaching for my registration, he said don't worry about it, might need you some day... (yes, I know COOL STORY BRO! but the truth)

The ending of the encounter was "have a nice day".

Moral of the story, ignore JACKA*SSES!!
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