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I suspect the Agent simply was trying to get you to talk and feel you out. If he obviously saw the ammo he was already expecting a "YES" answer to his question. The way you responded would give him an idea of what to follow up with.

Working at the border, 90% of the questions I ask travelers... I already know what I want to hear (or expect to hear).

Your response to him was perfect.

Just my opinion

EDIT: The checkpoints in fact do catch MANY things that people are just not aware of. I know many of the Agents at the checkpoint of which you are speaking.WHile yes of course some are new... there are many seasoned Agents there as well. Many times we get intel at the Ports of Entry that we pass along to the checkpoints. Or we are looking for this.. looking for that.. and we know what checkpoint a suspect will be hitting. There is a method to the madness of stupid questioning lol

EDIT x2: There is no "profile" of a smuggler.. anyone and EVERYONE is a possible smuggler. I used to see this old lady cross the border every day. she was maybe in her 80's? Nice as can be.. just another grandmother type... long story short we caught her smuggling meth strapped to every limb of her body. Arms, legs, chest, back ... etc. How long had she been fooling us? 5 year old, 8, 10 on way to school with drugs in their backpacks or lunch pails. Of course you do not see yourself as a possible "Target" ..but color of your skin, age, type of car etc is not really a key factor. If you ever ran across me outside of work, you would probably think I were a dirt bag LMAO. I mean I dont dress all ghetto, but im sure I fit into a "Profile" with my shaved head and brown skin. The bulge from my hip is not an illegally carried - or purchased - firearm. Everyone .. unfortunately is a target

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