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"Diverse and unique communities?" Doesn't anybody represent plain old Americans and Californians anymore? I recall in reading several biographies of Theodore Roosevelt that he had a concern about what he called "hyphenated Americans" such as German-Americans, Polish-Americans and any group that took its identity from any racial, ethnic, class or political heritage or affiliations, rather than being Americans. Roosevelt was carping about such things back to 1902 up to his death in 1919. Roosevelt also warned Europe and America about the declining birth rate as being problematic to western civilization. Given the loss of life in WWI (37 Million, 16 Million dead, 20 Million wounded) where nearly an entire generation of Europeans died, his concern was well founded. Given the enormous loss of life that followed a scant two decades later during WWII (60 Million killed, or 2.5% of the world population) human potential suffered a tremendous blow from a denuded gene pool. What possibilities existed for accelerated human accomplishment, through the birth of exceptional individuals, were at a stroke removed.

Portantino is a symptom of the advanced state of political decay caused by progressive policies that have evolved into a cultural Marxism that considers ethnicity and economic class the qualifiers to secure human rights. In their view, only certain population segments are qualified to receive the benefit of civil rights and economic largess at the expense of the rights and prosperity of others. This narrow view is exactly the formula that leads to balkanization, societal collapse, civil war and genocide. We have entered into the age of incompetence, mediocrity and extreme demagoguery, no doubt due, in large part, to that loss of human potential. Population dynamics will eventually correct the impairment, but in the meantime we face a period similar in nature to that of the medieval period after 1328 marked by loss of one-third of the world's population due to bubonic plague. In a highly technological age, this is extremely dangerous.

Rant Over.

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