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Originally Posted by vladbutsky View Post
Come on guys! Of cause there are situations when even LCC will not be enough to protect yourself. But this is not a reason to completely give up and to leave gun at home. Sure, LCC is a MUCH better option IF it is available. What if it is not?!...
Yes, if you are attacked and struggling to fight of the aggressor, ULCC will not be much useful. But this is not the only type of attack. Sometimes victim does see the attack coming from a distance. Sometimes victim may be able to lock herself into a bathroom or a closet or a car before attacker gets to her. It will not give you protection, but will give you enough time to get ready.
We all agree here: LCC is better and ULCC is not perfect. But if legal LCC is not an option, would you still prefer ULCC to being unarmed?

To answer the OP question, read here:
I totally agree.

The first rule of a gunfight is have a gun. OK, maybe the law restricts how fast you can get it into action, and that might negate some utility, but leaving it at home negates all utility.

"Oh, if you can't cater for every circumstance, don't bother to cater for anything?" is what some of you are saying.
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