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Thats only if you paid a tax on it (if it were registered as NFA, which AOW is possible here in california, but DD is not)

AJAX didn't run into this issue because he made a "not-a-gun" by making something can can only fire emergency signaling flares.

As soon as you make it 12ga you run into all kinds of more complex things.
"It wasn't a failure of laws," said Amanda Wilcox, who along with her husband, Nick, lobbies for the California chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "I just don't see how our gun laws could have stopped something like that."
-Speaking about the Oikos mass shooting in Oakland.

With an assault weapon you just hold the trigger back and it goes blup,blup,blup
-Michael Bloomberg confused about the difference between a machine gun and a rifle, ABC News Nightline 12/21/12
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