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back in the days when I was searching for the ultimate camping/hiking/hunting sidearm, the thought of getting attacked while inside a sleeping bag crossed my mind many times. Talking to a friend made him admit of the same scenario so we took an old comforter that is about the same material as a light weight sleeping bag and tested my Caspian 10mm, Colt commander 45ACP and GP100. He had a Ruger SBH, Glock21, a Hi-power copy and a S&W686. All the autos fired the first chambered round, but there was a high rate of failure to feed the next round if there was fabric tension exerted at the muzzle and top of the front sight. The revolvers did not have any failure except for failure to fire when fabric gets in between the hammer and firing pin, in which the autos had the same problem except the G21. One thing we learned is you can set a comforter on fire when shooting a 44 mag loaded full of W296 next to the barrel and cylinder gap.
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