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Originally Posted by kemasa View Post
Yes, you should be charged the correct price. Save a copy of the web page, then call and ask what is going on or wait until it is shipped to ensure that your order is not cancelled. It might be that they are charging for locks since they need to be included (CA Manufacturer to a CA resident).
They charged me $50 for the locks as well. It's not being shipped. I walked into their store and bought them.

Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
It is not right or wrong. Just simply ask. The worst they can say is no. Just let us know what they say.

Customers ask for discounts all of the time. Buying 5 lowers is a good reason to get a discount. Asking because you are a cheap skate or you belong to some certain class of citizens doesn't get many discounts from me. Buying a lot of product or using cash does.
I don't want a discount. I just want to be charged whats advertised. I probably would have one or two less. I should have looked over the paperwork closely, but I was in a hurry to get back to OC to get to work.
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OP you are an uninformed tool.
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