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Originally Posted by redhead View Post
Why are these groups so concerned with "gun violence" in particular? Is there no other kind of violence? If guns are somehow magically removed from society we will all be peacable people with no one having any inclination to violence?
The real source of violence in our society is the failed social experiments from the past 40 years, where it was assumed that "helping people by lowering the bar" would somehow elevate them into higher social status. Instead, for example, free and subsided housing created concentrated ghettos where few can escape the life of poverty and violence and those who can have already left. This is the opposite of what was supposed to happen, but is typical of how politicians with little business experience end up messing up the country.

Now, to admit that the "social engineering" by the left has failed would be akin to cutting the branch one is sitting on, since large part of their support comes from those areas. Blaming guns provides two benefits: (1) it deflects the blame from the real problem by introducing an "object of hate"; (2) it indirectly blames the right for the violence since 2A is defended mostly by the right, thus solidifying political support from the crime ridden areas.

That's a lot of benefits for pushing the agenda "guns are bad, m'kay."
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