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Penetration and expansion has always been the quest of any bullet manufacturer. If my 357 magnum rounds will reliably expand to 2x the original diameter while penetrating 48" of any test media then I can sell my 44 magnums and 454 Cassul. My concern for a hiking/fishing/hunting hip gun has always been ruggedness and reliability. The possibility of falling into a stream or dumping an ATV are there. What if you are so occupied with the trout you have on and a mountain lion pounces on you putting you in an up close struggle where a possible jam can happen after the first shot with a semi-auto. Most attacks happen on unaware victims, either sleeping/resting or pre-occupied with something that they dont sense the presence of a wild dangerous animal. The chance of seeing these animals is very small, you'll see more coyotes and rabbits out there. After having a few close encounters with angry magpies it made me wish I brought a shotgun. With my little experience with hunting and hiking far from civilization my number one pick is still my 6" stainless Ruger GP100.

Here are links to wildlife encounters.
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