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Originally Posted by -hanko View Post
CA is different than other places...I had a chl in Texas for 13 years and have one currently in Idaho for the past 12 or so. Both states require notifying the popo if you're pulled over and both link the permit to your DL...

So, an outside chance if you have a permit and do not present it during a traffic stop you might have a service pistol screwed into your left ear.

That said, cops in both states are trained to assume there's a gun someplace in the car during any stop. Presenting the permit results in simply being asked where the weapon is, at least in my limited experience. Once you give them location you're treated as normally. You don't exit the car, they don't unload your weapon, etc.

CA officers seem to be trained to think that presence of a permitted gun puts them in imminent officer who's stopped me nor whom I know think having a permitted weapon in the car is any big deal...major difference in mindset.

I would tend to present the permit on top of the dl when handed over...scratching belly/alpha dog chit sounds manly, but common courtesy dictates you notify ahead of time, at least imo.

You may not be legally required to present the permit, but acting jerky can involve supervision being called and once that happens you may lose a bunch of time on the side of the road.

I shoot with a bunch of officers and deputies here, neighbor is an ISP lieutenant and you can trust me in that any K9 officer I've ever met can get the dog to alert with a quite voice command...once the pup alerts, you're guaranteed to be late for wherever you're headed.

Do I have to ask where attitude is relevant to exercizing the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures? Likewise, whether I am armed is irrelevant to a traffic stop for a speeding ticket, failure to use turn signals or an expired registration.

By presenting a license to carry concealed (with no obligation to inform), you are opening yourself up to search and seizure that you werent otherwise going to be subjected to if you had asserted your 5th amendment right to remain silent.

Officers in during a traffic stop deserve the courtesy of my minimal cooperation, a please and a thank you, and a signature on the summons- but they dont get a free look at my goodies because they feel unsafe.

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