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Originally Posted by jdberger View Post
Obvously, osokne and redhead were there. I'm sorry if I didn't recognize y'all. Faces and names aren't my strong point. Please come up and introduce yourself next time. I'm a bit shy and usually only talk to the people I know.
Yep, I was there, as was the Mrs. (she came a little late) who, while a member of Calguns, isn't very active on the site. We both had on our Calguns lapel pins. My apologies that I didn't approach, either... but I'm sure that at least some of you already know the reason for that. Then again, nobody approached me/us, either.

I did somewhat recognize some names, from both their Calguns screen name being close to their real name... and names from the Facebook page. A couple people I knew, already. Outside of that, there were many other Pro 2A folks I recognized, from PH, as well as Antioch, Martinez, Concord & WC. Surely, there were other cities represented, but those are the ones I knew, for sure.

I own my home in PH and have gone through the process of getting a Home Occupation Permit for conducting business, plus I was also there to gather intel and report back to other parties, which were unable to attend, whom this workshop directly effected. So, my attention & interest had a number of things to focus on, already.

Wishing I had either recorded and/or videoed the meeting. Some of the moments were priceless. I did have a still camera with me, but I overheard one of the city people telling someone that they were ask for no flash photography. So, I decided not to push my luck.

Agreeing with J.D. that we collectively Kicked *****. I think the antis are always surprised to see and hear well spoken, well dressed folks, from all walks of life, who stand up and resist their rhetoric. Well done, all.
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