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That was a very interesting video. But shooting into a jelly type block VS penetration into a bear may not be the same. I have heard hard cast bullets penetrate better than hallow points. Would like to have seen a comparison test done with both types. Obviously the hollow point will do a lot more damage if it can get to the inside and do it's slicing.

Originally Posted by Red Devil View Post
.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) is an old, low-pressure round.

.45 ACP +P is a higher pressure variant that is safe in most Pistols (including Glocks) and either ups the velocity of a 5" Bbl. ~ 50 fps. (ft/sec.), or gives you ~ 5" Bbl. velocity out of a 4" Bbl.

So, while you watch this vid, know that you will get this bullet performance in a "+P" variety of this ammo out of the ~3-3/4" G36 Bbl. (and that is what I run in mine)

45 ACP Federal HST 230 gr Ammo Gel Test
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