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JDBerger - were you there before the meeting started? I did come up to a group before the meeting, hoping they were Calgunners. Yep. I introduced myself but didn't offer my screen name. Sorry. Were you in that group? I do tend to be a bit shy until I get to know people. I submitted written comments. I don't think the mayor read them in their entirety. Maybe he couldn't read them. My writing isn't great, and I was trying to cram sufficint comments into the space allowed. Next time, I guess I'll just get up and let fly. I'm just not comfortable with public speaking, but I'm going to have to work on that.

Diane Barde (Brady) was talking about all the robberies in her neighborhood, folks kicking in doors; I was sitting there thinking "Don't you think it would be intelligent to be prepared to repel boarders?"
Really? In PH? Maybe I live in a bubble. I haven't heard about a lot of robberies, much less people kicking in doors. Home invasions? I guess I'm going to keep the shotgun handy, downstairs. Also my .45. Geeze. We do have an alarm system, with a sign out front. Maybe that discourages random home invasions. Anyone, we really don't have much of that in the neighborhood I live in, or I'm sure I'd know about it.

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