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Originally Posted by Lexington-1 View Post

I'm new to rimfire.

I went to purchase my first box of ammo. I asked the store owner his recommendation. He said I should avoid lead ammo and buy copper jacket instead. He said that lead tends to leave residue in your barrel. Eventually the build up will start to effect accuracy. Even with cleaning, he said you can never completely get rid of the lead in the rifling groves and that I would save myself a lot of headaches down the road by sticking to copper jackets?

I'd like to hear your opinion as to weather this is good advice or not.


Wether it's lead or copper coated bullets they all foul your bore so sooner or later it's actually the muzzle of your barrel that determines bullet accuracy. In reality the bore doesn't need cleaning typically because of this. I actually only clean my bore twice per year and only pay attention to making sure the chamber and muzzle is clear of excess lead build up everytime I return home.
The bore in reality plays a small part in barrel accuracy and so based on other forums I usuall just runs a couple wet patches through and the brush in and out a couple times and dry it.

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