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Thanks for the clarification gents!

When he mention copper I automatically assumed he mean copper jacket instead of copper plated. I understand the difference now.

Izzy43 said: However I have read where some semi-auto rifles and pistols prefer the copper washed bullets as they do not gum up the actions as quickly as the lubed lead bullets.

Izzy, I think this may be the reason why he said I should use copper since I have a semi-auto.

Izzy43said: That was when I shot some 22lr rounds in the cylinder meant for .22Magnums in my revolver. Dumb mistake on my part but it really leaded up the cylinder and barrel.

Izzy, the guy at the shop said the very same thing to me. That some guy brought his revolver in and that it got all gummed up from using lead. Doubt it was you though. Maybe because of that experience with his customer he probably figured it was best to stay away from wax lead and just use the copper plated .22
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