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I always go with pre-cooked bacon, which you can get from Safeway in sealed packages, and lasts at least 3 months with no fridge. Just drop in a pot or a pan, add a small bit of water so they don't burn, and heat up.

Try dehydrating your own food, at least snacks. My brother's wife dehydrated maraschino cherries for him on our last trip together and they were like freaking candy. I'm sure you can come up with some meals this way.

Spam Singles taste fantastic heated up after you haven't had real food for 3 days. Flavored tuna packs are good too.

Safeway sells pre-cooked and sealed chicken packs in the same area as the tuna. You can come up with your own meal ideas with those. I did a snow backpacking trip, brought the chicken packs, some cheese, cooked it on some tortillas in a pan, and seasoned it all with a taco seasoning packet. Was absolutely fantastic after 5 days of freeze dried in below freezing temps!

The Mountain House Teriyaki Chicken and Backpacker's Pantry brand Pad Thai are both excellent freeze dried meals. The Chicken rib meat with mashed potatoes from Mountain House is another good one.

Hot and Sour Soup packets you just add to water are available at Safeway and are pretty good while weighing nothing.

I always freeze some good meat I've marinated for the first night's meal. In the winter, after the first day's hike it will be defrosting but still at least fridge cold by the time I make it.

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