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Default A brief recap

This is a brief recap. It's late and I can't spend too much time writing this out, but I'm happy to answer questions.

Calgunners who I recognized were:


Obvously, osokne and redhead were there. I'm sorry if I didn't recognize y'all. Faces and names aren't my strong point. Please come up and introduce yourself next time. I'm a bit shy and usually only talk to the people I know.

Judging by the attendance by the Brady folks, they pulled out all the stops on this one. In attendance from the Brady side was:
  • Karen Arntzen, former president of the CoCo Brady Campaign;
  • Sandra Olufson current CoCo BC Pres.;
  • Dianne Bardy, Brady Campaign;
  • Jim Olafsun, losing candidate for City Council - endorsed by the Brady Campaign;
  • Laura Cutilleta, attorney from the Lawyers Committee to Prevent Gun Violence - formerly LCAV;
  • Amanda Roth, LCPGV (she's new)

The meeting opened up with a brief introduction by the mayor - then he called up the Chief of Police - who stated that there haven't been any complaints about the home FFL or any calls for service. (that kinda deflated the Brady folks)

I took a rough count of the speakers and their positions.

7 advocated changes to Pleasant Hill's regulations regarding home based FFLs
15 wondered why folks were advocating that the City fix something that wasn't broken.

Honestly - we kicked ***.

This isn't going anywhere.

Not one inch, folks. Fight them at every step.
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