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The POST class is actually called Firearms Instructor IIRC.

That is my problem. I have been shut out from one or two and the two e-mails I sent out got me no replies so I will be calling next week maybe. Corona wanted this for their range and I figured that since it paid OKAY (hey it is a job!) and I am a gun guy with a decent track record that maybe they would hire me and then get me into the class. I have several certs under my belt already so this one should be no problems. I was hoping to already have it before I submitted my info but I guess that did not happen. I might be able to get in with SBDoo but I have to call them. My ACO contact told me to give them a call because they let anyone take the classes there. LoL. I do not know if the NRA cert is valid since the city asked for POST specifically.

Alrighty then, so it looks like they might be able to get me into a class.

I did notic that SOME places had a 40 hour and some had an 80 hour. If it is the same class why are they different? Is it like chp academy vs normal police academy?
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