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Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
Accidental 911 calls happen regularly, particularly when people are trying to make international calls. Sometimes, it is a child playing on the phone. Other times, it is just a bad phone line that causes it.

Unless there was obvious malicious intent, nothing happens in terms of any action being taken against the resident. However, what the cop should do, with a partner, is be diligent and ask if anyone else is home and then ask to check inside to make sure everyone is ok. You never know....someone could have called 911, pulled away from the phone or worse. I have seen it all and any cop will tell you anything is possible and most any scenario you can think of, has happened.

Until we have confirmed nothing is wrong, we have to assume something is wrong.
That was exactly what they did. They asked about anyone else dialing and asked if the guy at the door (me) would go check and because I had nothing to hide I let them inside the house where they got a little too nosey.

I was talking with another code officer at work about what happened and said that I was being nice by letting them come inside and I should have said all was fine and closed the door and went to bed but then he told me that if I had done that right there they would have had a reason to get backup and come after me for not cooperating or what did he call it, exigent circumstances or something. I argued that he was full of it and they would not just kick in the door or get backup because I told them nobody called and then said to leave me alone and close the door but he seemed to think that that was a reason to believe that I was hiding something and further action would be needed. Anyways, I figured it best to ask this here and get a real answer before the thread got hijacked (pun intended).

Thanks. I think I was right and I should have just asked them to leave me be and I should have told them that my phone did not even work and was full of static but they did not say anything about the phone or moisture. If it happens again I will be *****ing at the phone company.
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