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Overall a pretty standard event.

Mayor said no plans to do anything specific, no obligation to do anything as a result of the meeting, just collecting info.

The LCAV/LSMFT/LCPGV (like JD I can't quite get that memorized; I'm working on it) folks had 3 attorneys, I think; two were familiar, one new to this geographic area. Usual 'other cities have done X, it's legal for cities to to Y' stuff.

Diane Barde (Brady) was talking about all the robberies in her neighborhood, folks kicking in doors; I was sitting there thinking "Don't you think it would be intelligent to be prepared to repel boarders?"

Recheck the memo from staff to the Council; PD says no problems at all (with the home permittee or any other gun business in PH), and several folks picked up on that and asked 'so, if that's true, why are we here?'
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