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Originally Posted by Enfield47 View Post

What should I be looking for in lens size? Quality glass = $$$ but larger lens can help "cheat" by being a bit brighter
What power do you find best for seeing the bullet holes in targets? I usually use 20x for 100-200yds but if you have good glass, higher power such as 40x or 60x can still be clear and bright
Is the angled vs straight design just a matter of choice or is one better than another? My new spotter has an angled eye piece and I love it. Just angle it towards your face so that I can shoot and just look over to look through it
Is it better to buy a tripod separately? If so are the table top ones better or worse than the taller stands? I've never heard of spotters that came with good tripods. Manfrotto makes good tripods. Even their table top one is pretty sturdy.
Where is a good place to go to actually look through the lenses of a few spotting scopes? This I can't answer. I've tried looking through spotters in stores but too many variables to compare them accurately.
Here's what I use.
The micro adjust feature is awesome. And this spotter is actually usable at 60x. And you can rotate the body so that the eye piece is just a turn of the head away. Big and heavy but worth it for it's vivid, bright images. Comes with a nice semi-hard case too.

Here's the tripod that I use.
Pretty sturdy. Even with my huge spotter.
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