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Default Women in the SF Bay Area!

Ladies of the Bay Area (and that includes you BG and MZ).

There is a thing in Calguns called "C3" which is a Calguns Community Coordinator. I'm one, working with the guys of CGN in Sacramento to organize a stable CGN Monthly Shoot and other fun stuff like shooting leagues and barbecues. A fine lady named SterylP10 did this for a really long time (in Contra Costa?) and did a fine job of it too.

We have a whole lot of people checked in on the Bay Area thread of the NorCal Forum, all yelling for people to shoot with. I know the demand for casual events is there, we just need a few good women and men to run it.

It can be rather simple. I, for instance, just decided where and when I thought a shoot should be, based on my favorite club and a day that happened to be convenient. Called up a couple of friends I shoot with anyhow and said "this is it". When I got to the range on the day, I got a big target, wrote "Calguns" on the back with a sharpie, and tacked it up near where I was shooting.

People just found their way to me. Cool! Six the first time, 10 the second time.

Now we have a lively chapter, establishing monthly shoots, casual weekly shoots, trap on Thursdays at a lighted trap range (!). With raffles and hats and T shirts and more, once we got established a little.

So this is where you jack up yourselves, your hubbies, wives, bf's and girlfriends and make it happen. No big commitment at first, just post where you'll be when, and tack up a sign. "If you build it, they will come". Once that starts to take hold you can email "PennysDad", the C3 honcho for more info and direction.

I'm pointing this to the women of the Bay Area, because it's close to Sacramento and it's kinda a blank spot on the C3 map. But the women of the rest of California, you can do it too. There is need for C3's in the Monterrey area and also I think in the Chico area.

Anybody can PM me with questions. Uppity women unite !
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