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Default My trip to turners *shocking revelations*

Turners gets a bad rep and i'm not really sure why. I purchased my first gun from ammo bros in ontario. everything went fine and i picked up a great springfield xd9. but i work in redlands and live in moreno valley, ontario was a long drive with traffic. i found out shortly after my xd that turners was 5 miles from my work. since then i've bought all my guns from turners in san bernardino. the wait times suck sometimes, but all gun stores have that problem. ever been to bass pro on a saturday? might as well bring a chair and a sandwich.

anyways. i've purchased a remington 870 express, issc m22, S&W sigma40, and my new M&P15 sport from turners. besides the wait times from other customers, i've never had a problem or complaint. catch a gun on sale and you normally get a pretty good deal.

my M&P15 was my most recent purchase. i ran in on a saturday a 5:45 in the evening 15 minutes before they closed. Glenn (sure hope thats his name) walked me through the gun, BS'd with me for a minute about the sudden scarcity of 5.56 ammo, wrote up the paper work, reviewed everything with me, and had me at the register in about 10 minutes. great guy, knows his stuff, and catch him at "go home" time and he's quick as hell.

summary? no complaints about turners, would let someone go in front of me so i could deal with glenn (3rd gun from him now), and if you want to get in and out of turners fast just show up about a half hour before closing
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