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Originally Posted by capnemo View Post
I never had a bad experience there under the old team, got great deal on a used rifle and later orderedthru them via Davidsons. I did hear that their gunsmith was not prompt on keeping ppl up to date, but I never used them for that. But new blood is sometimes a good thing, and they are convenient location fr the East Bay.
^Good, not everyone would agree unfortunately, and yes, it should be a good thing. These guys have been around, you'll recognize them, but the ones that caused the issues are gone.

Originally Posted by zvardan View Post
Are the prices any better? Last time I went there, the prices were pretty high.

How much are ppt's?
Asking prices on their new guns are similar to others in the East Bay, not typically going to beat the prices you can find here on Calguns... but build a relationship and work with them and they'll do what they can, particularly on used inventory.

Originally Posted by snypr View Post
Hmmm. starts with a Z....ends with a K........
(for the middle, think acronym for air conditioning)

sorry man, couldnt resist....
And his 7 oversized dwarves, yes. Actually there is one guy with glasses there that is nothing but helpful.
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